For the vast majority of us, our marketplace is packed with others who do (theoretically) the same thing as you. So—how are you different? What makes you distinct from the business down the street?

Quickly and confidently answering those questions is a difficult task. We’ve all heard of the “elevator pitch”, and this is the same concept.

You’ve got 15 seconds to explain what you do and how you differ from the competition. Go.

It’s not that easy, right? We started thinking about what makes us unique recently. We looked at our competitors and asked ourselves “what’s special about us?”

It’s important for every business to have a defined value proposition, a compelling promise of a certain experience for your customer. Once you identify how you stand out in the crowd, you must make a concerted effort to deliver that message of value with everything you do.

If you wait around for someone to ask what makes you different, you’re not doing your job. When a customer researches their options for a product or service, it should be clear how you do so with your brand development. Your website, blog, social media, reviews, and the like should all support the “unique” value that you offer. Verbally reinforcing that message is just the cherry on top.