How to Handle an Indecisive Customer and Increase Your Sales

Anyone who has ever worked in sales can attest to the fact that indecisive customers can be frustrating to deal with. No matter what, winning them over will take lots of patience and a willingness to help them make up their own minds without being pushy.

Recreational vehicle dealers, boat dealers, and home improvement contractors will surely recognize the importance of effectively handling customers who are having difficulty making up their mind during the sales process. No matter what industry you work in, below are some tips for successfully working with an indecisive customer to help you close a sale.

Find Out Why They Are Hesitant

Many sales associates make the mistake of assuming why a customer is being hesitant. Others may try to offer exclusive discounts or throw extra options into the mix to try and sway a customer into a decision. However, these tactics are not always successful. Instead, take time to listen to your customers and find out their reasons for being hesitant. Let your customers voice their concerns and help them find solutions to address their needs.

Make The Decision Easier

When it comes to making a decision on something important or costly such as a home remodel, there are many factors that will come into the decision-making process. Customers can easily get overwhelmed and put off making a decision. While the ultimate choice will be on the customer, contractors can help simplify the process and their way of thinking.

Educate them on the things they are confused about and provide them with extra information that will allow them to make a more informed decision. You can establish trust with your customers when you become a reliable source for them.

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Solve Their Problems

This may seem like the obvious next step, but after identifying the concerns your customer has, offer them options for solving them. Many customers are well aware when salespeople are trying to upsell them on more expensive options. This is not always the most successful way to get a sale from an indecisive customer. Be empathetic with your customers and find the best solutions to their dilemmas, not the option that will benefit you more.

Gain The Customer’s Trust

Ultimately, the best possible way to ensure a successful sale with indecisive customers is to gain their trust. They need to trust you so they will feel comfortable making an informed decision. A customer feels better knowing a salesperson is taking their best interests to heart, not just thinking about their bottom line. Even when you only have bad news to deliver to the customer, they will be appreciative of your honesty and openness with them.

Gaining the trust of your customers will allow them to rely on your expertise and knowledge. Pay close attention to their concerns and be responsive to them with compassion and care. Only then can you find solutions for them and lead to closing the sale. You will have a happy customer and a better bottom line.

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